Friday, July 3, 2009

Magpie in Ladle

Magpies are known as monsters, thiefs, unpleasant, screaming unwanted visitors and overall annoying creatures.

Although they do spread dog poop from the buckets and steal seeds and fat balls from the bird-feeders, I still admire and love these mischevious and extremly smart birds.

I could write forever about magpies and their antics, as I watch them on a daily basis from my office window, each morning after feeding the dogs, and sometimes during the days.

The past few mornings a magpie (I have a feeling it´s the same one) keeps comming after the morning feeding, and sits in the ladle that we hang by the kennel gate. She then feasts on whatever is left from the meat soup.

Oops, here she comes again, just as I am typing!

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