Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nitro´s recovery

Yesterday morning I looked out the bedroom window and I knew there is something seriously wrong with Nitro´s front foot. He didn´t even want to come out of his house, when we went to feed the dogs a bit later, and as he is always a good eater, I knew he had quite a pain.
He basically jumped on three legs and wouldn´t touch the ground with his left front foot, which was hot and swollen. He must have jumped from his house roof and slip on the icey surface.
We took him inside and I gave him a cooling massage with Alg-Börje´s liniment from islandic sea algae and rosemary extract, which is great for healing wrist injuries and helps keep inflamation away. I also applied REIKI healing and the swelling started shrinking slightly. After three aplications throughout the day, it was much better and some of the pain was reliefed. I staid home with Nitro, spending most of the time sitting with him on the kitchen floor, as he didn´t want to relax much.
The fear for fracture of one of the many tiny bones in the area of the carpus (wrist) led me to make apointment with our wonderful vet Cathrine Domeij and today we confirmed with her x-ray machine that there are no fractures, just a swollen tissue around the carpal joint. What a relief!
Nitro is setttling in at home real nicely since yesterday and I am sure you will read some Nitro stories before he returns back to the dog yard, as he will stay indoors for a week or so, until he completely regains strength in his foot and until even the slightest limping is gone.

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