Sunday, March 29, 2009

Breaking Trail Again

29th of March. Night temperature -10°C and snowing. Day temperature -2°C and snowing.

The spring is here for a full week now astrologically, but the winter didn´t give up yet!

So we run dogs. We run the main string, we train young and up-comming leaders, we play around with them in the snow, focuss on some issue corrections (that we had no time to deal with during the midst of the season), and we even get the puppy-coaches and the dogs retired from the main team, to run regularly. A perfect win-win situation for the huskies!

So today afternoon we broke the trail in some 20cm of new snow that resulted from last night and this morning.
And we even got some sun - as you can see on the shadows of the team.
Our favourite stretch of trail near Spjutvattnet lake
Wheel dogs Buck (11,5 years) and Canuck working up a hill

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