Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The End of March - The End of the Season

This March was a long month, full of adventures, events and time spent with our beloved huskies and many friends and visitors.

March is usually the end of one season for us and we start the new season with April, but not really exactly this year. We have still so much snow and run dogs regularly that we can´t think of this season as finished. :)

Although our minds are set on the summer jobs and projects around the kennel and house, as well as on planning on some puppies and building of our next season´s race schedule, etc., we still update our 2008/09 training diary. Majority of the dogs have close to 3000km in their feet, the yearlings have between 1000 and 1500km and some of the reitred dogs and Skittles have around 500km.
It was a lot of drama this winter in our lives and we had to make some tough decisions and step a step back from some of our plans and goals, but it only made us stronger and determined.

We reinforced our friendships and met many wonderful folks along the way and with their great help enjoyed the past few months thoroughfully, eventhough we didn´t go to any races.
But we already have some cool plans plotting in our minds for 2010! :)

March was a great month! :)

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