Sunday, February 8, 2009

Greetings from Civilization!

Hi all,

I just thought to drop a few lines about the funny and also a bit wierd experience I made today during my travels to Prague for an urgent business trip.

Last night the temperatures in our tiny little Vedjeon hit the 30 belowrange. It was the same today, and all the way to the airport in Östersundwe had to scrape frost out of the windows (yes, from inside!), dressed upin our dawn jackets and hats.

The Fröson island, on which the airport is, was hit by severe winds and Iimagine the windchill factor was huge. Everything shook and flew in thewind.What a thought of the upcomming flight!It takes just a minute to get from the gate to the aircraft, but we stoodat the stairs for a while and in the meantime my fingers turned ice coldand I barely made it to put my gloves on! The well known pain, redness andswelling came as I sat on my seat. And then I discovered a tiny frostbiteon my finger, under the silver ring I wore. The spot is still there as Iam typing. Funny experience.

Anyhow, in Stockholm (in civilization), the temps were around 2-3 belowand inside the airport hall about +30°C! And people walked around in heavycoats, jackets, hats and scarfs. I had to laugh. The wilderness child, orthe hillbilly in town :)

Prague actually welcomed me with about 2cm of snow and aroud -2°Cwhich is pretty rare lately. At least some touch of the white winter I love so much.

Welcomed by my beloved retired Brandy and Pinny, all our family cats and of course my parents, I will sleep well tonight. I am physically tired from the huge temperature changing all day long.

Greetings from the civilization!


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