Sunday, February 8, 2009

Alexandra´s Training Pics

Our biggest concern was how to arrange training of the A, B and C teams, while I would be gone for the urgent business trip I had to make, to Czech Republic, between January 16-22nd.

The solution came from our friends Alexandra Wiedmayer and her husband Torsten, from Germany. They were just visiting Sweden with their three siberian huskies and saw no problem in changing place. Alexandra was a huge help not just in the dog yard, but also helped to hook up and train the dogs. She ran couple of our C team youngsters in her team almost every day.

With Alexandra and Torsten´s help, Jachym managed to keep the dogs moving and in regular training, although we already fell behind with mileage, since our company issues occured and majoritiy of our attention was and still is needed there. This way we could keep on adding miles on the dogs and keep them in condition. Alexandra helped also in the kitchen and Jachym mentioned to me in one of his emails, how wonderful it was to come back hungry and cold, from a trianing run, and have dinner ready on the table! :)
Thank you so much guys for all your help and very pleasant company!

Have a look at their really cool, informative website:

With Alexandra´s permition, here I am posting some of the pictures she took on the trail:

Following Jachym´s team

Alexandra´s dogs - Yuma (black and white) and Gandhi (son of Bliss)

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