Friday, December 12, 2014

The Supernatural Litter - They Are A Wild Bunch

Friend of mine pointed out today that I haven´t actually introduced the youngest members of the Kipp d´Amundsen pack yet.

And she was totally right, so here it comes, sorry for the delay folks, I´ve been busy raising these wild little monkeys! :)

So let me officially introduce you to the SUPERNATURAL LITTER :)
Everybody knows what the word "supernatural" means. But you would be slightly wrong if you thought we named the puppies after mysterious, supernatural phenomena or creatures, well....
Slightly, but not quite wrong! :)

I do not have tendencies to name puppies after movies, shows, actors or other celebrities, but when I am a huge fan of something that I find meaningful and appealing, never say never :)

And I am a huge fan of a show that became a cult and I therefore and hereby declare and admit to be a part of this cult :)

As I have stated many times before, I am aware of the FACT that puppies do grow into their names, it was super hard to find the right names, because all of you Supernatural Fandom and Family know, that most characters either die or are evil. And I don´t want to name my puppies after someone terribly evil or someone who dies.

But that would most likely mean the end of this litter theme, haha. So I did my best, trying to judge the puppies characters and match them up with those that were, for one reason or the ohter, my favorites. After all, don´t forget that we are talking about three puppies here and think about the impressively long list of Supernatural characters over the years.

All right, no more talking and explaining. Here they come, and they are a WILD BUNCH!!! :)


is named after (you know who), because, well, she is small, cute, beautiful and she always seems to have a little bit of a devil in her - only in a cute, wild at heart sort of way :)

Seriously, you can always find her in positions and place like this, and she is always the one to lead her siblings into some sort of trouble :)

Left to right: Sam, Impala and Ruby

IMPALA (aka Pala)

There is no explanation needed for her name, but yet, why I chose Impala is the real meaning that gorgeous, fast, elegant car had to the Winchester brothers. Loyal and carrying that special connection, I believe this name will give our little Pala the attributes every musher seeks for in a good, dependable and trustworthy sled (or maybe even a lead) dog. Right? :)

Ok, I realize you´d have to be a musher and a Supernatural fan to "understand that reference" LOL

This is little big SAM (aka Sammy and sometimes Moose, well, because he is so big!) - officially WAYWARD SON Kipp d´Amundsen).

Sam has it all - he is tall (and I can already tell now he will be quite athletic) and handsome and pretty serious. Honestly, he carries so much resemblance to Sam.

When Sam was a really small and even cuter pup, I wanted to call him Colt. You know THE Colt. But we already have Bolt in our pack plus I didn´t want the little guy end up sharp and all. Sam is much much sweeter, don´t you think? 

I really had a lot of trouble making the final decision though, because I felt that having only one boy in the litter would make it absolutely unfair to name him after one of the brothers. I mean, who could ever do that, right? :) 
So sorry Dean, please do not take it personally and please know that I am not a Sam girl..... :) :) 
Our Sam is just not as, well, how to say it... I just simply can´t afford a Casanova at the kennel right now. Already have many dogs :) 

Share this along to your SPN fandom friends and carry on - my wayward sons!

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