Sunday, June 10, 2018

About Nettle...A Little Differently

If you are expecting a post in the style of materia medica for this extraordinary herb in the mint family, I will stop your expectations right here. But please, do read on, as I have a bit to say about lady Nettle, that you may have never heard or thought of before..
Admiring her plentiful spring fresh patch the other day, and gathering some, while my husky pack was happily frolicking around me, peaking under my hands and sniffing this green ally, I felt the usual love, admiration and respect I have for Nettle.

Tying up bundles to hang and dry for the dogs for winter time, and preparing nourishing herbal infusion from the fresh plants, I went about my usual routine, watching my kennel assistant struggle on the other end of the kitchen counter, insecure how to touch the plants, to avoid getting stung.
How many times did and will I get stung in my life? After the years, working with the Nettle ally, I actually find myself enjoying the sensation when I occasionally get touched by her. 
But that is the thing - I generally do not get stung, and neither does Jachym.

So let me tell you a little bit about Lady Nettle, as I have learned directly from her, as she has taught me and told me, on our numerous heart-to-heart and face to face conversations.

Nettle is a powerful, yet safe herb. She can do so much in terms of nutrition and medicine, from supplying many important micronutrients, easily absorbable iron, to calming allergic reactions, flushing the kidneys, supporting the immune system, the adrenals, to moving the life force energy throughout the body, and so much more in between.

She is a strong personality - obviously, with so much power, so much wisdom.

She is a diva. A real, true diva.

When I look at Nettle, and go beyond her physical appearance, I see a wise woman, a powerful crone, who has been through all the womanhood phases, who knows so much.
I see a lady, who stands firmly on her feet, grounded to the Earth, not letting bullshit effect her in any way. 
She is beyond the dancing around, she deserves respect and wants to be treated with dignity, and with a direct approach. Whiners, self-doubting, scared of everything folks will receive a painful reaction. She has no time to be wasted and if we truly want to learn from this wise lady, we better express our intention clearly and directly. That is her lesson and in a way, also her medicine. Her spirit medicine, to be exact. 

Learn from this wise, tough and yet humble woman. Insecure about your life? Self doubts? Undecisive? Nettle can help you with her medicine by showing you how being clear and straight-forward makes things so much easier. 

She will endure and even thrive in poor soil, in not the most beautiful environment, she will always make sure to be noticed among other plants, by growing abundantly, growing higher, spreading through her roots. Chop her down and she will resurrect via her amazing root system, to emerge like a Phoenix from the ashes. 
She is confident and knows she is needed, she needs to be easily and readily available in case we need her help. A true character, a true lady.

When Jachym first started helping me with foraging and herb gathering, I was amazed how easy it was for him to gather Nettle. How he showed no fear, no doubts, knowing she may and most likely will sting him, yet he approached her bravely and directly, with a clear intention, without gloves, as boldly as he as a person is. He seldom got stung and until today doesn´t mind the sensation. To him, it is just a part of the deal, a part of the interaction and communication, that he does so naturally, without considering that he is, in fact, communicating with the plant.

His direct approach is met with respect and agreement from the green lady.

These are some of the many lessons, the teachings from the Nettle diva.

I encourage you to go out and visit her, get to know her better. There are so many more teachings she has to offer, explore what she has to say to you.

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