Saturday, September 10, 2011

Puppy Name Challenge

We are announcing the Puppy Name Challenge for our friends and fans!

But before I get to the rules, etc., let me explain a bit about the theme, chosen for Ginger and Iceman´s puppies.

This is litter was a semi surprise. The breeding between Ginger and Iceman happened in the begging of July and sine then, a lot of thoughts went through our minds. Thoughts like this is a cool linebreeding on our kennel´s foundation dog Buck and his wonderful son Nugget. And thoughts like but the breeding was very short and perhaps too early in Ginger´s heat. But as days and weeks went by and Ginger showed absolutely no signs of being pregnant, we felt that was it. So no wonder it came to us as a surprise, when, then about ten days before the delivery, her belly just looked larger one morning. And she ate like crazy.

Now getting into the core of this all is the fact that Ginger comes from a surprise  litter we called the "Spice of Life". There were only two puppies there - Ginger and her brother Chilli, one of (if not the most) the most amaziing athletes of our kennel and my racing team.

And so it occured to us as a good idea, to follow in the footsteps of the surprise and create Spices II litter with Ginger x Iceman´s puppies now. After all, there are zillions of great spices out there and that will be up to you guys, to step in and help us find the best ones to name the little future sled dog athletes after them!

(poll will be posted on the sidebar as soon as we get name suggestions from you )
Rule nr.1. No Ginger or Chilli (we already have them)
Rule nr.2 Send your suggestions as a comment on this blog post and we´ll add them into the poll.
Rule nr.3 Click on the names on the poll, which you like the most (you can chose multiple names)
Rule nr.4 The four most popular names win!

Easy, right? Let´s have fun!


Svinkeln said...

I was thinking of gold coloured spices; Saffron, Turmeric, Curry, Caraway (Cumin)?

// Ingela

Nardo said...

I still like Pepper a lot, can be both male&female I'd say :-)

Nardo said...

We came up with some more: Cayenne, Rosemary, Nutmeg...

Nardo said...

Clove, Cassia

Liz said...


Brenda B said...

Chili (powder)
Saffron is good

Nardo said...

Voted! :-)

Janet said...

cinnamon "Cinn"
marjoram "Marj"

Huskymom said...

Also recommending Marjoram (Margie) and Rosemary (Rosie).

willi said...

Hi Katerina,

I emailed Jachym Lukes about handling this winter. I'm very interested. Let me know if you're still looking for someone!

- Willi Wilber