Friday, December 12, 2014

Puppy Walk Under The Setting Sun

The days are getting shorter and shorter every day now, until the Winter Solstice, which is only 10 days away! 
I can´t believe how fast the darkest time of the year went by this year, so I better spend as much time outside with the dogs and have my camera ready. Because this time of darkness and crimson sunrises late in the morning, followed by a super low sun peaking over the southern horizon around noon on the clearest days is simply magical. 

The golden rays shining their way through the naked branches, giving a holly glow to the tree tops, borrowing frost a breathtaking glitter of silver and diamonds only to set minutes later in a dramatic display on the south-west sky. That is an experience only those living up North can experience and only true lovers of nature and life appreciate.

What makes my time spent outside even extra enjoyable is the company of my dogs, be it while mushing down the frozen trails or walking with the retirees and puppies.

Their joy of what Mother Nature and Life have to offer is so contagious!



  and Pala

are having the time of their lives, chasing each other, gliding on the icey hills, hiding in cranberry and blueberry bushes and learning about our wild neighbors from their plentiful tracks.

Impala aka Pala is starting to grow some ears :)

while Ruby remains the smallest, cutest, prettiest and absolutely WILDEST of the three siblings.

Here we are, walking back to the homestead after one such lovely puppy walk on a gorgeous day.

And how do you like spending your time during this time of the year? What´s your favorite part about November and December?

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