Monday, December 8, 2014

Peak Into The Feeding Time

I have been promising to show pictures from one of the feeding times for so long.

t you see, I had a serious reason why it took me so long. It was simply too long and difficult a process to bring a camera to the kennel, shoot pictures while preparing the food, then carry the food to the kennels and carefully bring the camera along, then take pictures of the feeding process..... you get the idea.

But now, now my life as a blogger has completely turned around! Because now I have got something that I promised I will never get - a smart phone. 

And being all conservative and "cell phone is for making phone calls and sending text messages" oriented, I simply must admit, was not practical anymore. Because when it comes to blogging, and actually being an author, plus leading a busy life-style with a large pack of dogs on a rural homestead, where scraping off every minute of your time to fit in another project is just a plain reality, smart phones become, well, a great asset! :)

So without a further due, let´s take a peak into our dog kitchen and the kennel daily feeding routine.

Breakfast preparation for puppies, moms, seniors and all the other dogs, requiring individual feeding program. We call them lovingly "the specials".

Morning soup is mainly for watering and warming up - it consists of minced meat and water, on extra cold days coconut, flax-seed or salmon oil, and during heavy training season the main string dogs get also kibble in addition to the soup.

Galena, Magpie, Snowy and Rapid diving in to their breakfast

Sisters Sugar and Sage waiting nicely for their dishes.

Cooper the Mal overlooking the feeding table - someone must keep an eye, if I am doing it right :)

Young Bubu waiting nicely, while old Frostie went into the dog house and barks - a routine he developed and probably thinks is really cool. We don´t share the same opinion. 

That´s the way I like to have my kennels - in order, clean and with quiet dogs. Not all do me the pleasure, but you sure can´t tell at feeding time around here, that we actually have around 60 dogs.

And that´s it for today´s excursion and peak into the life at the husky homestead of Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels.

Hope you enjoyed it! :)

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