Saturday, May 5, 2012

Our Celebration Of Cinco De Mayo

This is not an April Fool´s joke. First of all, it´s not April. And secondly, where would we get so much snow to dump, as a joke.

Yup, this is our real, May 5th weather. And it´s snowing and blowing as I am typing. 

Few minutes ago, I watched the fox boy from the kitchen window. From his expression and body language he was not happy. His feet must´ve felt cold and wet, as he lifted them unpleasantly. He trotted along the road, then made a brisk jump at a group of birds and, disgusted he didn´t catch anything, he turned his head in different directions, thinking of his next move. He seemed hungry and his ears were wide spread and low, a sign of him hating the wet snow dumping on his head. He looked depressed for a moment, pounding the snow with his front paw, then sniffing the ground, wondering where the mice have gone. Hope he´ll find some leftovers from the dog food we threw behind the fence.

It´s not just us, it´s the animals in the woods who are also getting tired of the winter and long for the warmth of the sun rays and the green grass and fat rodents.

But I do not want to sound all depressed here. At least it´s not freezing. There´s always something to do to occupy the mind and something to celebrate.

So, although we are not Mexican, nor American, we decided that today is the perfect occasion to celebrate Cinco De Mayo. I know, funny way with all the snow, but what the heck.

Here´s how it looks at our place right now:

And this is how it will look tonight:
Or maybe not. But for sure, there will be some Cinco De Mayo Food. I mean, just look at those different kinds of delicious thingies one can make!!!

Do you have any favorite recipe you can share? I LOVE Mexican food. Hola. Ay caramba. Adios. 

I need s-u-n-s-h-i-n-e !!! I am going mad. Over and out.

Have a great weekend and Feliz Cinco De Mayo!

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Anonymous said...

Oh what, SNOW??? Oh no, hope it doesn't move over here to Finland... Although I guess Huskies don't mind the snow, but we people surely do (in May!!) :)