Friday, May 4, 2012

The Odds And Ends Of An Ordinary Friday (And The Week Wrap Up)

Ok, this is looking like a heck of a lot of junk assembled together extremely randomly! 

Believe me, it all has a common sense (or at least in my crazy head), just let me explain :)

I first wanted to write about motivation. Then I thought I´d share a new recipe Jachym came up with. Then there is the announcement. Loads of stuff. So I thought to put it all in one big chunky post. So here you go:

Firstly, I think we all could always use a bit of a motivation and inspiration. Something to warm up our hearts and remind us we are loved and that things will be alright, when we feel down.
I have received a lot of encouragement and kind words on the blog lately so here´s my little giving back. 

I love this quote and I very much agree with it through the been there done that way :)
Believe me, this is so very true - there´s always a way back up, and when it comes to dog mushing - oh, well, this counts double - just try it out sometime - after the fall, you´ll be still moving - and amazingly fast! :)

My week´s been busy (now that I wrote it, I actually wonder when it ever wasn´t busy), and one of the things that kept me busy was finally finishing and uploading the Katerina´s Journal Facebook Page. So now you can also follow the blog through Facebook. If you wanna do that, the simplest way is too click on the Facebook logo on the top right sidebar. Or here.

Thank you for all the thumbs up and encouragement and feedback you sent me regarding the blog and the FB page! I hope the page will make it easier and more organized for you to not miss out on the most recent blog post links, photos, useful tips, contests and more fun stuff, especially if you´re not signed up to follow the blog or to receive email updates.

Now, another notable thing that happened this week was our handsome young Sherwood´s birthday. I already posted our happy birthday wishes to the boy, but thought to share this as a highlight of the week :) Unfortunately, we had no doggy cake for him, but we plan on giving him some extra treats this weekend, when we often have a Pig Ear Sunday or other similar "candy" day for the kids.

Anyway, this leads me to a cool great idea I just read about on a cool, great blog of fellow blogger Pam and her dog Oskar (or actually Oskar and his human mom Pam) at Pet Blogs United.

They have a "Photo of the day" thingie on their blog and everyone who is their blog buddy and member of PBU can send in their beloved pet´s picture, which will be featured. So if you want your furry beauties to become "famous" and if you wanna meet more pet bloggers, pay them a visit.

Also, don´t forget to check out our latest Online Jigsaw Puzzle I posted earlier today!

And, I´m gonna wrap it up with something sweet and delicious my darling made as a surprise for me today. Doesn´t it look lovely? It tastes splendid. Just what I´ve been craving lately - light, fruity kind of cake or dessert. Jachym agreed (not as enthusiastically as making it) to write down the recipe, so I´ll share it with you in one of the next posts. It´s so simple and tasty, I´m sure you´re gonna love it!

And that´s about it for the highlights of my week. How about yours?

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday and remember, wherever you are:

Happy Trails and Stay Safe!


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Oskar said...

Thanks for this nice shout-out. The birthday boy, Sherman is our Picture of the Day today!

Nubbin wiggles,