Friday, May 4, 2012

It´s Jigsaw Puzzle Friday!

Good morning! 
Ok, in some parts of the world it´s actually noon, somewhere you guys are just reaching out for your first cup of coffee and somewhere it´s bed time. 

How should I know.

Actually, there is one thing I know for sure. It´s Friday. My calendar says so and it also shouts at me with big red letters that it´s maintenance day.

Which means cleaning up and tidying at the dog kennel, which is my favorite part ´cause I get to spend the time with the furry kids. 

It also  means cleaning the house, which is my not-so-favorite part, ´cause, well, I get to spend it with the germs. And germs are not dogs. But enough with the nonsense.

It´s Friday and that means the second Jigsaw Puzzle Friday edition on my blog. I was thrilled by all your interest and nice comments and mostly I am so glad you had fun. Although a few folks complained on Facebook, that they got nothing else done. Hi hi. Don´t mean to sound mischievous! 

So here is my next puzzle for you. It features Lucky and her babies (aka the Love Litter) taking a nap. Maybe we all should take a nice nap. After all, it´s Friday :)

Click to Mix and Solve

More puzzles can be found in our own Kipp d´Amundsen Online Jigsaw Puzzle Gallery.

Let me know which one is your favorite and how long it took you to play this one. If you sign in, you can actually challenge me, or Jachym or any of your buddies, for a record time.

Write me. I love reading your comments.

Have fun and happy Friday!


Jachym said...


Finn said...

Love that puzzle idea! How nice to meet another Finn! I am going to explore your blog a bit!

Katerina said...

Oh, hi Finn! Thanks for stopping by! If you wanna meet our Finn, you´ll find his pics in the "Love Puppies" label :-)