Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Spot Factor

Here comes a blog post I´ve been meaning to publish six weeks ago. Since the information in it has not "timed out", I dare to share it now. I am ashamed. Enjoy!

If you´re expecting a serious scientific study and analysis of the siberian husky color genetics, then don´t! Although, I am not saying there is nothing to learn from this post. :)

So last night (May 8, 2011), I did some serious calculating. Naturally, I´ve been looking at Galena a lot lately, as the upcomming mom she´s had a lot of extra attention.

She is a wolf gray colored siberian, as the whole "G" litter she comes from. Her mom Jee-Haw was colored the same, and so is her dady, the patriarch of our kennel - Buck.
Nitro (as the father of Galena´s litter) is, surprise, surprise, colored exactly the same.

Natually, we´ve been having wolfgray, sable, aguti and gray puppies in mind. In fact, we expected them as one expects that 1 + 1 = 2.

But yesterday, it suddenly occured to me and I remembered that Nitro´s grandmother is black and white. Ang Galena´s too. And then I remembered some more stuff...

So last night, I did some serious calculating. Thank goodnes for picture pedigrees.
Because my instinct was telling me something. Something exciting.

This is Nitro´s mom North Wapiti´s See Spot Run:

(BTW, isn´t she pretty?! Thanks Rob for letting me use her picture!)

And this is Galena´s great-grandmother Serping:

Drum rolls, please........

Yes, ladies and gentlemen - my gut feeling was right!
Here he is, Mr.Spot aka Galena x Nitro´s son!

As a responsible siberian husky sled dog breeder, I should remind you: Colour of the coat doesn´t run. It doesn´t make a dog a better sled dog. It isn´t important.

But I have to admit, I am totally in love with piebalds!!!!

Happy Trails!

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Nardo said...

Wow!! Nitro's mum IS pretty! And he looks like his mum! :-) Yea, it sure is a colourfull litter, Johnnie, Jamie and JB have some brown/reddish hue, like a real whiskey should ;-)The rest is more grey like their ancestors :-)
Give 'em all a big hug from me!

Cheers&hugs for you both as well!