Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playin' Favorites Already?!

I don´t know what this is. Dogs are supposed to be unpartial and dog mothers are thought to be fair, free of playing favorites, unlike their human likes.

But this is what I found in the whelping box this morning...

See for yourself. These pictures are a proof.

Galena actually couldn´t care less of what I thought of it. She gave me an annoyed look that made me think of all the unfair things human mothers do.

She´s such a wise dog. I admire her. She can run through snowstorms and lead her teammates through snow drifts so deep, she has to jump like a deer. If she thinks that little Mr.Spot is special, then I guess he is.

She even won´t let us lift him. We can do that with "the other" puppies. I guess I better trust my most intelligent and responsible leader. I´ll just leave it up to her!

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