Friday, August 6, 2010

Another Happy Day for the Kids

Finally a cooler morning. It´s raining, but nobody minds.
We´re all excited to hook up the dogs again, and the furry kids get ecstatic about it.

Chisana got super excited about the fact that she gets to run beside her brother Chip

I promised Michal, our extra summer kennel help (Jachym´s carpentering buddy) to take him for a ride with the team, before he leaves.

He does get excited too!

And takes thousands of pictures as Adela and I hook up.

And off we are, Bliss and Mouse in lead of the mostly puppy team.

Michal´s excitement lasts even as we drive back.

Mouse tried to prolong the run by turning onto the road towards our "big team" training trails.
Bliss just looks at her, while she insists on taking us back home. Yeah, good ´ole girl!

The team was: Bliss and Mouse in lead, Modra and Chisana in piont, Chip and Lucky in team and Chilli with Music (as the only main string dogs) in wheel.

Can´t wait for another run!

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