Thursday, August 12, 2010

At Work

The other day, while I hiked through a nature reserve, as I guided our adventure program guests, pulled by faithfull companion and leader in training pretty Miss Skittles, I was philosophing a bit.

My cell phone rang and I heared my self answering "can you please call me later, I am at work".

Then I had to smile widely for myself. How fortunate am I.

To be able to say these words, while having a great time, hiking in the wilderness, surrounded by nothing but tranquility and beauty of nature, share with folks a bit of my life and living of dream with my dogs, teaching another talented young dog and spending some quality 101 time with her, bonding, learning to trust each other as we hike on narrow paths, climb on rocky terrain, cross creeks and swamps and camp out by the country´s largest waterwall.

Making new friends. Building a fire, cooking food for the group, enjoying the elements. And all that being my work, my livelihood.

After years of often interesting and challenging work in the business world, I went back to basics, back to nature. Just as I´ve always dreamed.

The snowy trails, with dozen of dog butts infront of me, the hiking path, smokey fireplaces, laughter of folks enjoying themselves, puppies growing up and changing into athletes, sleepless nights under the northern lights, camping out in a snowstorm, all this is my life, my office, my career, my passion and my daily bread. "It can be done", I always believed, when people told me I should get "real". Now I am living it.

Keep dreaming folks. Pursue those dreams!


Anonymous said...

Reading this a bit late...but...I needed to read this, really!!

Nardo said...

reading this even later, but I too am very much inspired! Thanks Kat! :-)