Monday, May 10, 2010

With the Family at Veselka

This is my parents´ getaway place in the South Bohemian "Sumava" mountains, called Veselka (which means either "happy place" or in the old folk language "wedding").

Since we moved to Sweden, we don´t get much chances to visit, so this year we made it a priority to go. What a relaxing, kind-spirited place with friendly neighbours and untouched nature. A real sanctuary for anyone who has to put up with the hectics of daily life in Central Europe.
The cabin

Ok, this picture could be named "Jachym on a walk with Ceeshiak". But that would be a cover up. Because behind this picture is Ceeshiak´s full speed runaway towards the neighbours´ farmhouse, and Jachym´s super fast intervention! See his victorious smile? After all, he has the right to be proud - capturing a 14 year old runaway CSC! :) (Note - CSC is a standard "Kipp d´Amundsen Kennels´" expression for Canine Senior Citizen).

We took a walk on the ancient Celtic path, which runs directly by my parents´ property. Of course my mind started rolling with ideas of "could a dog team run on these trails?" - a typical mushers´ syndrome.

Unfortunately, we didn´t get far, because I cought a super nasty bug on the way to our holiday and was battling and struggling to keep myself out of bed. Jachym and mom took Mouse for a short walk later.

While I stuck to photography

Outdoor lunch of Czech sausages and black beer
Was Mouse missing her sofa or just tired from the walk?

Neighbours´ pet goats - the most funny goats I´ve ever met

Despite my flu, an overall real nice day spent with the family.

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