Saturday, May 8, 2010

The Saga of the Pork Knee

Every year it´s the same old story:

Jachym talks about the pork knee about six months before our trip to Czech Republic...

... I keep reminding him of how sick he got the last time and how he swore he´ll never have one again...

On our 2000km journey south, I have to listen to his intense plans of when we´ll go to "U Zvonu" place in Cernosice so he can have his pork knee. Note that the plans get more and more intense as we near the Czech border. By the time we reach Prague, the time and date, the table and the seating order are already set up.

When the big day comes, Jachym starts writing about it on his Facebook page.

Once the weitress brings the 1kg monster to the table, Jachym begins to feast, but first he has to say his traditional sentence: "omg, it´s so big, I can´t eat it all", oh, I´m gonna be so sick". And "Take a picture". No comment. By the way, one day I´ll get a collection of the "Jachym and pork knee" pictures together and post it.

About half way through the 1kg (2,2pounds) pork knee, washed down with some Czech beer, he poses to take a picture with his mom (thank God I have another witness so he can´t acuse me of making this all up!), presents a big smile and then (not so fast and enthusiastically like in the beginning) he struggles to finish of his meal.
Note: I am not that mischevious to take pictures of that. Besides, I hate pictures of people eating. And I would have to live with the consequences, which is really not worth it.

By the time dinner´s over, Jachym is fairly sick. While his mom and I enjoy the conversation over a cup of coffee or sometimes a dessert, for which we left space by ordering normal meals, Jachym has to loosen his belt, breathes heavily and starts showing signs of suffering.
That is the time when my suffering starts as well, because the minute we leave the restaruant, until the moment I fall asleep, I hear his constant complaining about how big it was, how he ate too much, and how he should not have eaten it all, and so on.

And then the notorious sentence is being said: "Next time I swear I won´t order it!"

See what I have to put up with?

And so goes the saga of the pork knee... Until next year.


squeaky said...

Reminds me of what I hear before every Christmas Turkey-Stuffing/Dressing Dinner from my Jim. "Never again am I going to eat as much as I did last year!"; then, guess what, he does.

It has to be a male trait. :-)

Katerina said...

Haha - it must be!!