Friday, May 14, 2010

A Touch of Czech South to North

As I sorted out the many pictures we took during our two weeks in Czech Republic (and wanted to share them all with you, which would have been quite impossible and quite frankly might turn out rather borring too), I decided to select a few images that reflect not just what we did and where we went, bu that show a bit more of the Czech countryside, south to north of the country.

This is my dear friend Lenka with a ponny mare. Don´t they look a like a little? :) I think they have the same hair!

In May every tree and bush is blooming in the entire country.

Few days old calfs on the dairy farm Lenka works, in central CR.

A typical countryside view - a south bohemian village on a hill, in the middle of fields and meadows, with a church in the middle.

The statue of Master Jan Hus - the founder of Czech protestant church, a revolutionary man with a humane vission and fearless inspiration. The statue is in the village of Husinec (Southern Bohemia), where he was born.

And while the southern moutnains and hills are round, the northern landscape is typical with the sharpe-shaped peaks, often with trees growing all the way to the tops

Many, mostly mining towns are also typical for the northern part of the country.

This huge horse sign can be found at the entrance to the town of Most, mostly heavy industry place. It symbolises the Most Hipodrom - one of the country´s premier horse race tracks.
So this was Czech Republic in a nutshell. Of course you didn´t get to see the west and east, but neither did we, we´ll have to leave that for another trip :)

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