Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Earth Hour in Vedjeon

Another year is here, and the time to set our clocks one hour further. But not only that. Last night, between 20:30 and 21:30, it was the Earth Hour.

Our little household takes part in this great event every year. Not using electricity for that specific hour, joining the world in fight against global warming, is not just an act of our philosohy and feeling towards mother Earth, but it is an awsome oportunity to just be.
To light candle lights all over the house, lanterns on the porch, and aroma lamps with natural scents of lavender, mint or lime. To sit down, snuggle on the sofa and watch the flames in the fireplace. Play chess or other games, drink glass of wine and have a warm talk.

We are so used to having these "romantic" evenings during our long winter evenings, and so used to being without electricity often, when snow storms or summer rains cause the power shut down, that we don´t really notice so much of a difference. We have wood stove as the main source of heating, and lanterns and big, many hours lasting candles placed on "strategic" spots around the house, for a sudden black out.
To us, the Earth Hour is a lot more than just a an "hour without power", though. We believe in the message to all the people around the world. Let´s not take our planet for granted, and let´s all start doing little steps toward it´s healing. It is not ours to use entirely or abuse. It is here for us to live in symbiosis with other creatures. It is our home. And as that, we should nurture it, not destroy it.

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