Monday, March 29, 2010

Just another ordinary day...without power

It was just another ordinary morning in the woods. Snuggling and cudling the youngest puppies, who ocupy the kitchen. Cooking coffee for breakfast. Oh, the power went off. Oh well, let´s pull out our camping cooker and coffee cooking cattle.

Then cook some 12 liters of water for the dogs´ breakfast. Oh, the water doesn´t run? Well, let´s bring the "reserve" canisters from the basement.

What´s next on the agenda? Feeding the dogs, cleaning the house. Let´s do something we don´t need electricity for. I managed to sort out all the old magazines and made a thick pile of those to be recycled. Another useful job, which always waited for "when ocassion and time comes", done.

Then it´s time to start getting the puppies used to outdoor life. That always takes some hours, shuffling around dogs from one kennel to another, getting the babies acquainted with their new place, and explaining their neighbours to treat them nicely.

Time to haul more wood from the forrest and chop it. There is still nearly 1 meter of snow and despite the busy bird singing, the real spring is still far, far away.

The time in the wilderness flows fast, and the rugged outdoor living, with a kennel of racing sled dogs is a busy one, but things need time and patience to be done. Step by step, without stress and hectics. One project at a time. There is always tomorrow. It took some time to learn this and get it under our skin. But now we enjoy it to the fullest.

And wouldn´t change for a million!

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