Monday, June 22, 2009

Proudly presenting: The CH LItter a.k.a. Native North American Rivers & Streams

Star´s puppies are 16 days today. That means they have opened their eyes between 9 and 11 days, learned to bark and listen to it´s mighty sound (if you saw the movie Bolt, you will know what I mean if I say they discovered their "super-bark"), and realize that human chins and noses, along with the littermates´ and mom´s ears, are a great, fun thing to suck and chew on.

Star´s been a patient, but tough mom, and she shows her babies the borders very clearly. They will grow to be kind, polite dogs, I think, as their mother hasn´t got that sweet mommy aproach, and is rather rough with them. They do not mind at all, and will, most likely grow to be tough dogs themselves.

Besides managing to take their pictures today, and making a short video from the past two days, we also managed to acomplish the most important, and in our kennel always nearly sacret mission of naming the puppies.

As I have mentioned before, we chose CH to be the common letter for these guys, following the Czech alphabet. Not only will all the puppies´ names start witih CH, but we had to also find a common theme, which is always a challenge, when it has to start with the same letter. Ideas of indian tribes or many characteristics floated through our minds, since even before they were born, and we played around with dozens of names and words. As we gave it all a time to mature in our heads, which always pays off, the theme crystalized over the weekend into beautiful, very suitable names for future sled dog champions: The North American Native named rivers and streams.

So let us proudly introduce you to (in order as they were born):

CHIGNIK Kipp d´Amundsen
(River, rich in king salmon, and village in southern Alaska. In Aleutian language it means "the big wind", named after the constant winds in the area.)

CHIPPEWA Kipp d´Amundsen a.k.a. "Chip"
(Chippewa river runs through the state of Wisconsin. It is named after the large indian tribe of Chippewas, or Ojibwas. Since I lived in Canadian province of Manitoba, I had several Ojibwaye friends, so the name is even closer to me).

Oops! :) Puppy nr.3 a.k.a:

CHILKOOT Kipp d´Amundsen
(Ok, everybody knows the Chilkoot Pass, but not so many people know that if you take a real tough hike over it, you will reach majestic mountain lake Chilkoot, into which, the Chilkoot river flows, named after the Chilkoot indians).

CHILKO Kipp d´Amundsen
(Beatiful and mighty river in British Columbia, Canada, which offers many rapids and white water. Named by the Chilkotin indians and means "red ochre river". Our Chilko´s coat is redish, so he didn´t get this name accidentaly)

Get your hands off me! I don´t wanna take pictures now!

...Ok, we managed to take at least one semi-decent one of
CHUCHINKA Kipp d´Amundsen
(Located in British Columbia, Chuchinka isn´t only a stream that flows in a National Forrest, but this name is our tribute to one of the lines we incorporated into our kennel, through North Wapiti siberian huskies, and a tributo to several outstanding dogs, who appear in the CH litter´s ancestry).

CHISANA Kipp d´Amundsen
(Pronounced: Shu-sha-nna)
(Another Alaskan river and gold mining village, in the Wrangell Mountains, meaning in Athabascan "copper river". Not accidentally, Chisana was also one of Susan Butcher´s beloved lead dogs, that she honored so much, by naming her own daughter with the same name. Obviously, we had a reason to name this particular puppy with this special name as we have a reason to belive she is VERY special :)).

CHATANIKA Kipp d´Amundsen
(Pronounced: Chata-NEE-kah)
(Deep in Interior Alaska flows a beautiful, charming and powerful river. My dear long time friend Fred is fortunate enough to have his property overlooking his favourite river and he suggested this name to us long before we even thought we´ll end up with River theme for this litter. And to whom should be given name, given by a special friend? To a very special puppy. Although her nickname Lucky remains, we belive she is the perfect and rightful candidate for this name!)

And here all together in a short video:


Kari said...

Congratulations on your litter, and GOD MIDSOMMER!

Unknown said...

Wow! They are soo beautiful katerina! Give them all hugs and love from Nykvarn and the speed-demons here! :)

ElizabethMC said...

Awwww, they are soooo darling Katerina! Thank you for sharing!