Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Fox Boy Is Back

Our old friend is back! He came last year around this time and hunted mice on the meadow behind the dog yard. This year the snow wasn´t soft and melted enough yet, but our fox friend found another delicates to munch on - the Troll dry food kibble that the puppies leave forgotten behind, as we take them for their daily walks.
He came quite close to the dog yard gate, sniffing, searching for more yummy kibble. The dogs slept in their houses and didn´t pick up his scent, nor heared him, but one. Nitro. He silently sneaked out of his house and quietly watched the beautiful red boy come near the fence. Then they stood there, looking at each other, not moving, not making a sound.
When Jachym came out with the camera, Nitro moved away, so there is just this close-up of the fox-boy, looking at the dog yard. And then he slowly, the typical and beautiful fox way, trotted elegantly and silently into the woods.

Welcome back, foxy friend!

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