Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Great Run

While handling at Finnmarkslopet kept me busy for one week, a lot of projects upon arrival don´t allow much time for blogging, writing and chatting, either. But I "fight" my way through, to bring you the latest updates from here!

We have a wonderful spring time here! The temps are quite cool at nights (last night we had -15°C) and quite warm during days, but the dogs enjoy the runs thoroughfully. And so do we! :)
Blue skyes and sunshine make a huge impact on one´s state of mind, and the longer days and lots of light fill us up with energy and ideas for upcomming spring and summer projects.

We have regrouped the A, B and C teams once again, as the main season is over now, and we start to focus on the young dogs more, again.
Krtek, Snowy, Chilli, Ginger and Skittles need to get more regular runs and while Skittles runs in the B team (which is now again the puppy/senior team), the four two year olds are reunited with their older and more experienced teammates in the "A" team (formarly A and B teams, now joined together).

These pictures are from one of the latest runs, on one of the beautiful, perfect early spring time days :)
Top left picture shows Nitro and Maya resting during the run, while the next two following show the beauty of mushing in the afternoon sun.
The last right picture features nobody else than our two great leaders - Tazlina and Goosak (lately also known simply as "the Goose-Man" :)). On several of the last runs Goose shows a lot of improvement in his gee-haw skills :) Together with Tazy, they are a strong and fast couple and they really like to work together - a real cooperation. I can´t wait to have these two leading the racing team next year! :)
Bottom left: the whole team showing their great work ethic while working up a hill.
Truely another great run!

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