Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Workout Season II

Wow, time certainly flyes by with an incredible speed! It´s been nearly 9 months since my last journal entry (my last post was October 31, 2007)! Shame on me. But on the other hand, I guess that´s how it´s gonna be, when one has nearly 40 sled dogs, tries to keep the house, garden and property in order, build and repair constantly and have several different jobs, including a long distance management of a company. -- No complaining :)

Anyway, this post is to whipe the dust off this blog, as new, exciting summer season is here!
From a short but lovely visit to my parents´ place in Czech Republic, I brought back my boxing 25kg bag and an old mountain bike - both very useful tools to help me lose another planned portion of extra weight and get me in shape for the next racing season! :)

Hope to be back soon, with some details from the last racing season, plans for this summer, the upcomming witner and to keep everyone posted what´s new around here.


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