Friday, June 27, 2008


... My old/new friend - the mountain bike.

The history of this old, beaten up, assembled from whoever knows how many different other bikes, million times dragged around by dogs, totally unmodern piece of equipment, which I dearly call my friend, is long, as you probably can guess.

We got it as a family bike to fill in the number of bikes per person, many years ago, from my uncle Mirek, who brought it from Germany, where he worked for over 20 years. The bike´s origin is from a garage sale style "dump".

Yup, it is priceless, but truelly in both meanings! I would never give it up and when we finally had the chance to bring it up with us, on our way from visiting our family in Czech Republic, I immediattley loaded it onto a trailer we hauled behind the van.

So since now on, my "workout center" is getting pretty professionally equipped!:

Along with my beloved Nordic Walking Sticks (one of which I partially broke during a very tough training run in a snow storm sometime before the Polardistans 160 race - , "Da Bike" and "Chuck", the old Mountain Bike and a the 25kg monster - aka the Boxing Bag are the new helpers in my program.
Now, you have to agree that my "gym" could almost be opened for public! :o) This is some serious stuff :o)

Well, I had my first ride with the bike today, going down to Flakanasset, which is a lovely little hidden spot on the south end of our village. I sat on the beach and watched the peaceful mighty waters of Vattudalen as the midsummer sun reflected on the lake. I heared and saw fish jumping and catching insects. Will be back one of the following days and take a few pics.

And that is all for the introduction to the good ´ole bike and my other summer friends :)


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