Friday, June 27, 2008

Evaluation of Workout Season I.

So, I guess the biggest question everyone has is - how did I do with my goals and how do I do now? Right? :)

Last summer I would say I did quite well. I almost didn´t break any of my rules at all, I lost some weight (remember - I said I will not weigh myself purposely, so don´t ask how much, ´cause I honestly don´t know), got in a nice shape before winter started.

I, on the other hand, had problems with fitting all my activities, work, etc. into 24 hours and fought with organisation problems most of the time. By the end of December, things got into such a swing with training the dogs for our first big planned long distance race - the Polardistans 400 (km), that I basically cut off almost everything that did not involve: a) training the dogs, b) work, c) our fundraising support program and d) buying and getting all equipment, dog snacks, supplies, etc. ready.

I did have a few crisis. The first one came sometime at the end of October. We had no money, I felt stressed about all the things that needed to be done and lost some belief in myself. Lack of self confidence bred doubts, which brought many questions. My dear friend Kim was the much needed "ass" kick and I will never forget the favour she did for me. She simply said:
"Either leave all until next year, have fun with the dogs and Jachym, going for fun runs, camping in the mountians, etc. OR try to go for your goals and dreams - scrape the money from here and there, cut some more on your budget, do all you can. It´s just either one or the other thing you need to do". She probably knew before I did, what my decission will be.... :)

I remembered her words when the dogs cought a virus at a race and were sick for most of January. That seriously threatened our plans, but I decided to go for whatever race will be possible, and what the dogs´ condition will alow on a first place. The dogs´ well being is ALWAYS on the first place in our kennel, and both Jachym and I are VERY PROUD of it. That is the reason we ended up running the Polardistans 160km instead, which we have thoroughfully enjoyed, finished happy and healthy (which was our main goal) and not deadly last :) (7th out of 15 teams). You can find all about the race and our season on our website

By the end of the season, I lost some more weight and was in a pretty good shape.

And this is were this new "workout season" begins . . .

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