Thursday, December 4, 2014

Katerina's Journal Has A Newsletter!

With so much great stuff going on and mostly with so many natural, holistic health care and animal nutrition tips I am continuously being asked for (and feel very honored by that), I have decided to create a newsletter.

It won´t be a one of those emails that will bombard you every day, not even a week, in your inbox. I will simply assemble certain topics and information in it once in a while, or announce something special and send it out to all of you, who are interested in receiving more news from Katerina´s Journal and The Natural Way Animal Wellness, in the comfort of just reading them from your email.

So if you are interested in subscribing to my newsletter, just fill in the green sign up form on the right hand side sidebar and that´s it! :)

And I have one little tip for you - you might just want to sign up right away, because very soon, I am going to be sending out a whole bunch of information on how to get FREE stuff and many discounts on so much cool stuff, including - ok, the secret is out - a FREE Webinar! ;-)

And that´s all I am going to say for now :) You can find out the rest from my newsletter!  :)

Have a great day and happy, safe trails!

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