Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Christmas Wreath

I just got this Christmas wreath from my Mom and immediately hung it on our front door. Don´t you think it´s stunning?

My mom is kind hearted and crazy enough to send me a big wreath like this all the way from Czech Republic to northern Sweden. That is over 2000km across the European continent!

My mom is incredibly talented for any type of decorations and handcrafts, using natural materials
and I have finally been able to convince her, that she needs to make a few and offer them at the local flower shop and farmers markets.

And typically for my Mom, she not only does a great, original work, but her prices are extremely reasonable.

So if you wanna own a totally unique, 100% handmade with love, natural wreath like this one, contact my mom on Facebook - Ivana Paleckova.

Thank you Mom, I love it!