Friday, November 8, 2013

Things To Do After Your Dog Has Died

I read a lot of poems and compassionate writings on the sad subject of losing a canine friend, but I find this one by far the best. 

Maybe it is because it sharply dives right into my heart and touches is with its bold truth. Truth all of us who lost their beloved ones, know so painfully well. I have been through all of the points while grieving the loss of one or another of my friends
It offers the compassion that only one who experienced such loss can give to another. 

I love it. It makes me miss Granite more. It makes me miss all my dogs and other furry friends, who no longer are here with me, more.
But perhaps most of all, it makes me think of the importance of letting go, not being afraid to let go, of finding the strength to conquer the fear of forgetting all the details, the smell, the touch and all, and keeping the fondest memories in my heart. 

To all my beloved dogs and four legged friends, who have passed onto the other side, and to all of you who have suffered a loss.


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