Saturday, October 19, 2013

Morning Walk

Today was one of those mornings when you look out the window and you know you MUST grab the dogs and go for a walk NOW.

Seeing the lake on the opposite side of the road, as the leafless trees opened great views, and feeling the warm golden sun rays reflecting in my eyes, I knew I had to answer the CALL.

Mouse and Krtek hopped happily along, searching in the frosted grass for mice, occasionally pausing to sniff the air for the smells of the WILD.

The meadows were wearing a coat of silver and the sun added diamond glitters to some of the dry flowers.

morning view from our kitchen window

The lake and the sky wore the same shade of blue and everything was so quiet and still. Not a single leaf moved, not a single bird cried.

The only sounds we heard were the swishes of our paws and feet in heaps of fallen leaves, lining the trail.

And then we heard a scratching noise, as if a cat sharpens her claws on wood. But much much louder.
The creature who decided to remain anonymous to us was scratching against an old, half fallen wooden barn for quite a while, not feeling disturbed by our presence for a moment.
The dogs sniffed and observed and I observed their reaction. They were not eager to hunt the creature down, nor did they look scared, so we continued our walk to the island.

The sounds and the one who posses them will remain our little mystery.

frosty trail

our house with the super huge larch tree

And that´s how another autumn morning in the wilderness went by.

Have a great day and stay safe!

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