Monday, October 21, 2013

Birthday Party

Today marks the day when, seven years ago, my super leader Tazlina gave birth to three amazing girls - Krtek, Snowy and Icey.

While we all wish a very Happy Birthday to Icey (now called Lisa), who lives with her pack and family in southern Sweden, we had a party up here for Snowy and Krtek.

First, it was a surprise for Snowy. After feeding all the dogs at the kennels and picking up all the empty dishes, I caught my crazy girl off guard with another dish in my hand. Her eyes were glowing and smiling, so as her tail, that was wagging wildly, polishing the kennel floor on which she sat. I had Jachym on the loud speaker of my cell phone and we both sang "Happy Birthday, Snowy, Happy Birthday Snowy".

Snowy´s birthday present

She "woowooed" excitedly back and dove into her birthday present consisting of large frozen rainbow trout and blood pudding with dog treats, arranged in the dish. She devoured it all and gave me a "hug" (read: she jumped with her front paws on my chest).

That was the first happy, satisfied honoree.

Krtek´s cake. I will be sharing the recipe in another post
I could play a bit more with Krtek´s present, because her living indoors makes things easier in that way. She is such a spoiled, lucky little brat! :)

I wasn´t sure how she´s gonna take the burning candles, but she surprised me by jumping on the sofa and checking it out.

Her reaction, after I helped her blow the candles, was "is this all for me?"

 "Is it really all for me? I just had dinner. Are you sure you didn´t forget you already fed us?"

"Ok, if you are really serious, I will enjoy looking at MY cake for a while and soak in the birthday atmosphere with all the candles and flowers and all".

Oh, what a well mannered young lady Krtek is! She decided her cake needs to be split and shared with her friends - after all, it wouldn´t be a birthday party without guests. And guests must be offered something nice. 

"Come on, Mouse, let´s stare at the cake together for a while"

"And now let´s dive into it! Nom, nom, nom"

"Wow, Krtek, you really surprised me by sharing your cake", says Mouse. "It must be all the the dog training course you are attending now! So generous. I am totally stuffed."

Krtek says: "Whatever, just lick your plate and shush. How often do we get a chance to eat from the table?! This is so cool"

And the old lady Babeli is of course munchin´ on her portion as well. "Last month when it was my birthday, I got a new dog bed and everyone steals it from me. Including the horrible cats. And Mouse stole the big chewy rawhide bone I was meant to have for a long long time. If it was my birthday, I wouldn´t share with anyone", she thinks. 

And so it went during the dog birthday party last night.

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