Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Beautiful Morning Run!

Last night it poured cats and dogs so we decided to run the second team today instead. And what a decision!

The early morning was wrapped in mist and sunshine and all the fall colors simply shined with brightness!

On the swamp, a layer of ice cracked under the dogs´s feet and frozen berry bushes glittered in the sunshine like diamonds.

The kids ran beautifully and again, I was amazed at their condition so early in the season this year! Only fifth run, and muscles on the back legs were visible on most of the athletes. They never stop amaze me!

Although I forgot to take the camera, I hope you´ll enjoy the beauty from the cell phone taken pictures.
Into the Wild

Two super strong wheel dogs - Dasher and Frostie

Marching with so much ease into the hills

We used to stop at this hill in the previous seasons. Today, with Lucka as an extra weight,
the kids marched up without blink of an eye!

Catching breath and enjoying the beauty of the morning

Conquering another hill

Nearing the half-way point

The sun lurking between the thick spruce and birch wood

Short drink break - almost no one wanted to drink. They were all fresh and ready to roll :)

Frost and dew´s artwork

I love these open, colorful views only a sunny autumn day can offer!

Lucka tried the musher´s position :)

Headed home, before the descent down toward the Vattudalen lake
Now a quick snack break, cup of hot coffee and it´s the yearlings and puppies´ turn. Life is good!


TimberLove said...

Great pics! What a wonderful time,


Jachym said...

Je, uz jste byli koukam na vyhlidce!

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