Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Raw Beauty Of Nordic Spring

Hi folks, long time no see. But before I keep you all posted about all the latest happenings here, let me take you along for a walk we made the other day with the house girls Babeli and Mouse.

Pretty Mouse

Floating miniature "iceberg"

Our beaches are like the North itself - rough :)

Mouse really likes to pound the fresh, clear water in search for "whoknowswhat"


I love shipwrecks, they are so photogenic

One of the first bloomers. Hurray!


... and prettier :)


Rama's Mama said...

Such wonderful photos! Thanks for sharing!

Nardo said...

Lovely Kat!! Mouse and Babeli look very pretty! as does the lake! Nice to see the shipwreck is still there, some things shouldn't change ;-)