Monday, April 30, 2012

Oat Porridge With Apples and Cinnamon

Unless we are in a hurry, we love to cook a warm, tasty and healthy breakfast. And with my metabolic disorder and problems with sugar management, I have managed to develop breakfasts that combine the tastiness, warmth, healthiness and lower GI factor together.

Porridges from all sorts of grains and seeds, combined with different nuts, spices and fruits have become very popular in our house, not only for Jachym and me, but also among our handlers crew members. In winter months, it is nearly impossible to imagine our breakfast table without a porridge. One can last and be active "on them" for a fairly long time, without the quick sugar peak up and down, caused by other, carb based foods.

What I love about them is that they are easy to make, delicious, nutritious, healthy, cost effective and easy to variate.

This version from oat flakes as the only grain, with apples and cinnamon is one of the top favorites around here.


1,5 cups oat flakes

1 tbs of flax seed

Pinch of salt

1/2l water

100ml milk

1 half sized red apple

1 tsp ground cinnamon

brown sugar (for myself I use birch sugar or Agave syrup. You can also use Stevia powder).
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In a smaller to medium sized pot bring water to boil and add salt. Then add milk. Watch that it doesn´t "run" out of the pot. 
Add oat flakes and stir. Let boil and turn the heat to 50%. After about 5 minutes add the flex seed, stir again and keep boiling until flakes form a porridge. 
In the meantime, slice the apple, get rid of the middle and cut it up into small cubes or chunks.
Add the apple into the porridge, stir properly and leave on the stove until apple softens.
Add cinnamon and stir for the last time.
Once apple pieces are soft, the porridge is ready to serve.

Put it in bowls, sprinkle over with sugar to your liking and add a bit more cinnamon for the nice look and aroma. 
You can also serve it together with peach jam (oh, lucky me, I have my stock from mom´s fantastic home made apricot jam, they don´t grow here, so I would have no chance). The combination of apricots, cinnamon and apple is fabulous.

You can also add raisins, which I would recommend to add into the porridge at the same time as the apple.

Good Appetite!

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