Saturday, March 24, 2012

The Happy (Puppy) Days of Spring - Volume II

First of all, searching through photos and blog material, I stumbled upon this post:
It is about the day Lucky was born and about her struggle for life during her first days. It is somewhat cool, looking back almost three years, living through Lucky´s puppyhood again, remembering how great and tough mom her mother Star was, and reflecting on how Lucky and her siblings turned out to be - as I have predicted in that post - all turned out to be as tough and determined as their mom. And now a new generation of Stars and Canucks and Luckys is here, playful and lively and wild and funny, filling our lives with love and energy! I love my dog family!

And here is a bunch of pictures we took during the puppies´ premiere in the woods (aka their first puppy walk) yestereday:

Finn learning how to balance himself in the deep snow
It seems that he figured it out :)

It´s easier to have ten times less weight and four legs :)

Treats help to keep the babies motivated to come on call

Tristan followed by Tolly Rose and Cora, making their way across the meadow



If for no other reason, it´s good to be a dog mom - Lucky fully enjoying her loose run

Cora found herself a cone

Ooops! "Tolly Rose looks at Lucky: "Mom, shouldn´t we stay on the trail?!"

Treats for everybody

Cora leading her siblings down the trail :-)

Tristan says: "Mamma, I´ll keep up with ya!"

Tolly Rose - the calm one

"Humans are my choice - they´ve got treats and give me attention"

Tristan - the wild at heart, cuddle monster, attention seeking sweetheart

"Everybody - atttaaaack! Kristyna´s got the bucket of treats!"

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