Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The 2012 Crew

Front l to r: Steve "Badger" Millar, Kat, Rebecca Millar, Kristyna Dostalkova
back: Flores Bakker and Jachym

It takes a group effort and a great, dedicated crew to operate a kennel, keep the dogs happy and healthy and reach goals such as long distance races.

And Jachym and I are blessed to be surrounded by people who care, are willing to be a part of a team and contribute their hard work and time to the mutual goal. And as Steve says "you don´t need to be mad in order to work here, but is helps" :-)

It is time and place here to present and thank our 2012 crew, without whom we could not do and accomplish what we have set out for.

Sincere thanks guys!

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