Friday, February 10, 2012

Top 20

I´ve been promising to keep everyone up-to-date on the main string dogs and our training progress. Time is ticking so fast! Now, exactly a week is left before our departure for the Tobacco Trail!

We have made our selections based on the dogs´ performances and interest, and the list of potential race dogs are down to top 20. Although I have a strong idea of 10 dogs I´d love to have on the Tobacco Trail 300 12 dog team, I still can´t decide on the last two. But I am not going to announce anything just yet! :)

So, let us introduce the Top 20 (in no particular order):

COMET (FLYING COMET Kipp d´Amundsen) - Buck x Babeli
5,5 years old, strong and big girl. Comet is sponsored by Katerina´s wonderful aunt Jana Haufova, who took over the role of Comet´s patron after our beloved grandma Vera, who supported and loved Comet for years, passed away.

FROSTIE (FROSTY av Vargevass)
9 years old, strong and endurant boy, super tough feet, never been injured. This will very likely be his last racing season before so much deserved retirement. Can lead if neceessary. Frostie is sponsored by Katerina´s mom and dad Ivana and Vlady Palecek.

GALENA (GALENA Kipp d´Amundsen) - Buck x Jee-Haw
5,5 years, THE MAIN LEADER. Super smart, fast, my prolonged brain, heart, soul and hand.

GOOSAK (GOOSAK Kipp dˇAmundsen) - Buck x Jee-Haw
5,5 years, brother of Galena. Can lead if necessary. Amazing dog. Super tough, very efficient and fast trotter. He´d do anything for "mom" :)

GRAYLING (GRAYLING Kipp d´Amundsen) - Buck x Jee-Haw
5,5 years. Another fabulous son of Buck and one of the great siblings from the "G" litter. He is one of the most amazing dogs in our kennel. Great drive, powerful, efficient, great attitude, always happy with a zest for life, always ready to go.

HAWKY (HUNTING HAWK Kipp d´Amundsen) - Ewok (Vargevass) x Magpie
3,5 years. This is Hawky´s first season in the main string. Driven and strong boy, maturing a tad slower than his siblings Runner and Rizey, but he´s getting there :)

CHILLI (SWEET CHILLI Kipp d´Amundsen) - Nugget x Comet
5 years. Our super dog. What he didn´t get in beauty, he got in muscles, what he didn´t get in brains, he got in an incredible work ethic and performance. This dog could run on a top alaskan husky team, and I am not exaggerating. His capacity and ability is above the level of any other dog in our team.

KRTEK (BLACK AVALANCHE Kipp d´Amundsen) - Canuck x Tazlina
5,5 years old charmer with a big drive and consistent performance. Fast and strong for her size. Good co-leader, positive and smiley personality and generally a very sweet dog with a great attitude. One of the kennel´s beauties and to me a perfect example of a multipurpose dog. Krtek has a lot of show results as well, and needs only one more point and a race result to become the Swedish show champion.
Krtek is sponsored by Jachym´s cousin Bara Hudcova.

MAGNETO (Carmack´s MAGNETO) - Herman x Roary (North Wapiti)
6 years. Magneto has come a long way - this shy and very sweet boy has gained a lot of confidence since he came to live with us, and has worked his way up to the top in the team. This season he surprises us with keeping up speed-wise with the faster, lighter built dogs. His desire to please and honest approach to work has secured his spot in the top 20. Great feet, great appetite under any situation and great metabolism! He´s got distance racing experience from his past home in USA too.
Magneto is sponsored by our friends - the Leitl family: Adela, Helena, Petr, Robin and Bliss.

MAGPIE (NorthWapiti´s MAGPIE) - CH.Smiley x Jumper (North Wapiti/Anadyr)
7,5 years, one of the leaders. Fast, hard working girl, amazing for her tiny size. Sweet and super friendly attitude, huge heart and will to please. She´s been on every race we´ve done so far. Mom of Hawky, Runner and Rizey. Magpie is sponsored by Katerina´s mom and dad Ivana and Vlady Palecek.

and a big hugger! :)

MISA (Fun Run MISA MI) - Pontiac x Fassette (Fun Run/Vox Celesta)
5,5 years old goof ball. Misa is the most funny and crazy dog we have. Huge drive, fast. Not a very efficient trotter, but keeps up at all times, good eater, good metabolism and functions as the team´s cheer leader. Can run as trail leader if necessary.
Misa is sponsored by Jachym´s mom Eva Lukesova.

NUGGET (GOLD NUGGET Kipp d´Amundsen) - Buck x Jee-Haw
Another fantastic dog and a great sibling to Galena, Grayling and Goosak from the "G" litter. Great trotter, huge desire to please, always there for me. Mamma´s boy :)

RAPID (Kelim´s RAPID FIRE of Carmacks) - Skor x Kluane (North Wapiti)
5,5 years old. One of our top three leaders. Amazing girl with drive, speed and consistent performance. Very endurant, ready to march thousands of miles for the ones she loves. A great heart beats under her timid and humble appearance. Just love this dog!

RIZEY (HORIZON HUNTER Kipp d´Amundsen) - Ewok (Vargevass) x Magpie
3,5 years old girl, sister of Hawky and Runner. Very smooth, fast runner, great feet. First season on the main string and she´d doing fabulous job. Humble and shy dog with a huge heart for running, desire please and affectionate nature to those she trusts.

RUNNER (HARD RUNNER Kipp d´Amundsen) - Ewok (Vargevass) x Magpie
3,5 years, the best from the "H" litter siblings. Was the only 2 year old on the race team last year. His perfomance, speed and endurance is amazing. A very positive, happy-go-lucky boy, affectionate, smart and driven. Needs more experience, but does already very well in lead.
Runner is sponsored by Jachym´s cousin Bara Hudcova.

SKITTLES (NorthWapiti´s SKITTLES) - CH.Crunchie x Olena (North Wapiti/Anadyr)
4,5 years, leader. Fast and hard driven girl with a super charming character and appearance. Nicknamed "The Charm Troll". Very intelligent, sweet dog with huge zest for life and desire to please.

SNOWY (DRIFTING SNOWFLAKE Kipp d´Amundsen) - Canuck x Tazlina
5,5 years, sister of Krtek. One of the most athletic, fast and strong females on the race team. Has been to all races last season. Small girl with huge muscles, intelligent and driven. Positive attitude under any circumstances, always happy-go-lucky, huge zest for life. If you´re grumpy or tired, just look at Snowy and she´ll give you the energy you lack. Great appetite, good leader. Crazy dog :)

SPARKY (EVENING SPARK Kipp d´Amundsen) - Buck x Brandy
8 years, leader. Very special dog, smart, strong and hard driving. A bit heavier built, which gives him disadvantage, but he makes up for it with  his attitude and will to please and works very hard to keep his spot in the main string. We have a very special relationship. Great attitude and approach to life. Another dog "of my life". Sparky is sponsored by our friend Aris Pipis from Cyprus.

STAR (FLAMING STAR Kipp d´Amundsen) - Buck x Babeli
5,5 years, leader. The strongest girl in our kennel. Huge work ethic, you almost never see her tired. Stubborn and smart, breathes and lives life to the fullest.

TAZLINA (NorthWapiti´s TAZLINA) - Sqeaky x Olena (North Wapiti/Anadyr)
7 years, one of the top three leaders, constantly competing with Galena for THE MAIN LEADER. A super dog, irreplaceable. Gives the team juice and speed, super fast, super driven. Can be a pain the butt, but all the great ones are :) Her desire to please and ability to read my mind is scary. Female counterpart of Chilli. Love, love this dog!

and ZIGGI (A´Teb´s ZIGGI of WOLF) - Wolf x Kalinka (Nay-La-Chee/Anadyr/)
8,5 years old. This might be likely Ziggi´s last racing season, but she is doing great so far! Little, shy dog with a big heart and work ethic. Not among the fastest, but very consistent, efficient trotter, smart, driven, keeps going under any conditions. Also a good leader. Has been on all our races up to date.
Ziggi is sponsored by Jachym´s mom Eva Lukesova.

So these are the magnificent Top 20 canine athletes of our kennel at this point. We will be choosing the twelve racers for Tobacco Trail in the last two runs prior the race and will of course let everyone know!

Thank you to all those of you who have stepped in and sponsor one of the kids, your support is hugely appreciated. Some of the dogs are still looking for their sponsor and we are in a need of finances to cover travel and logistics costs for the main race of the season - Finnmarkslopet 500, so if you would like to help the team to the starting line, you can have a look here for sponsorship and team support options. Thank you very much in advance!

Happy Trails and Stay Safe!

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