Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Miracle of Life

Our kennel had witnessed the miracle of life once again this year - during the night between Monday and Tuesday Sept.5-6th, Ginger gave birth to her first litter.

The first born was a girl, followed two hours later by a bit tough delivery of an unfortunately dead boy.
From then on, all went a lot smoother and another girl, then boy and finally a gril again were born without  much trouble.

The second boy gave Jachym and I quite the chuckle, when he came out hind legs first - as soon as his tiny legs were out of his mom (while the rest of his body was still inside), he gave some seriuos kicking and even touching the ground, really helping as much as he could to get out and into the world! Quite thrilling and cool to witness.

The last girl was even funnier as she came head first. We first saw her little pink nose. Then half of her head was out and she was making all kinds of puppy sounds, not really screaming, but letting everyone aware of her presence. So cute!

So mom and all four babies are doing great and enjoying their first days of family life.

First born girl.. Cute as a button. 

 This is the second girl, the darkest one of the litter. She was rattling a bit the first day, as she had some water on her lungs, but we gave her a very close monitoring and made sure she´s warm and feeding all the tme and by the following night her breath was clear. She is doing well and gaining weight nicely.

 This is the little guy who knows how and what to use his legs for :)

 And puppy nr.4 - the girl who announced her arrival :)

 And here´s the proud mama.

 Tired, but happy and proud.

 I just love the way the mama dogs instincitvely take everything under control. It gives a huge respect for my animals and all the living creatures.

 And she sure knows how to look cute! :)

 ...and enjoy her motherhood.

Stay tuned and don´t forget to come back for updates! Happy Trails!

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