Friday, July 29, 2011

Conquering the Vattudalen (and Becomming a True Northerner)

There are many things I have promissed myself to do and acomplish, from seemingly small tasks to meaningful goals and true challenges.

Swimming in the 140km long, 80m deep Vattudalen, that runs through highlands and mountain valleys, being born between the rocks of Frostviken mountains, was one of them.

Not that we never took a swim in it before, we actually go in on a number of occassions, mostly in the company of couple of our dogs, but then we are talking about the "ancle" or "knee" dive. 
In 2008 our area experienced a heatwave, when the temperatures wouldn´t drop under +25 / 30°C for about two weeks and then we dared to sink in completely for couple of minutes.

Last summer Adela and I made a few walks with the dogs down to the Flakanässet lagoon and I enviously watched the huskies taking a swim and playing cheerfully in the water. 
This year I decided it was my turn to have fun as well! 

And since yesterday we all did (Jachym, Adela and I) and we swam and swam, and I realized that I don´t actually mind the cold water at all and that I want to be back again and again, I believe that it´s been a clear sign - we have become the real, true northerners finally! :)

Just look at those happy faces:

Jachym gave me a charming smile. (Ok, I don´t know if that´s because he finally was allowed to leave the water and was bound for his can of beer, but he smiled and posed for the camera, and that counts :))

Adela also! She was very brave and stayed in with me quite long. I guess the former aquabella swimmer calls even the cold water home :)

When we came down to the lake, we saw a fisherman in his boat. After watching us for a while, he aproached us and we realized it´s one of our very few permanent neighbours Kurt. He seemed to be smiling with an expression of aproval. Perhaps in his eyes, we are now finally accepted among the Northerners too! :)

He showed us a full load of his evening catch and insisted we take couple of the beautiful fish. 
So today´s lunch will be fresh fish with butter and herbs, grilled on open fire, with potatoes and salad. 

I love my life in the North!

So, since I love challenges and living my promises, I have already set another goal. I will swim in Vattudalen every summer, no matter what the weather.

And because I consider myself a Northerner, I have to keep living up to that honorable title. So next on the agenda: Take a Swim in Stor Ringsjön lake in the foothills of Frostviken mountains. And a bath in the Hellingsåfallet waterfall channel is in order too!

Happy Trails!

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Nar said...

Time to build a sauna!! :-) Besides it being awesome to have a sauna near a lake, it might be a good tourist attraction :-) Though I suppose it is a bit too far to the big lake from the house.... all across the road and all... still, it is a nice idea I think....