Monday, June 27, 2011

Just Sixteen of My Best Friends and I

This is an older post from April 18, 2011, which I had no time to upload until now. Enjoy!

When you see pictures like this on my blog, you can be certain of one thing. The snow season is over.

But no regrets or nostalgy; the temps are cool in the mornings and the dogs are always up to some fun, no matter if it´s on snow or in mud!

It was a beautiful, sunny day and my sixteen buddies and I had a great time and a great run.

Here they are, my heroes, marching up the main road through the tiny village of Vedjeön.

Having a little drink from the ditch alongside the road, to cool off, and then Tazlina and Rapid took the team back up the road on my command.

When we got to the Spjutviken bridge and connection to the forrest road, I had a little surprise waiting for the dogs -- snow on the trail! They loved it and we had a little break there so everybody could roll in the fast dissapearing white gold they all love so much.

Taz and Rapid NEVER look the same way when I take pictures. What kind of silly game is that, girls?!

And up into the wilderness by the Spjutviken lake cabin.

Taking a 90 degree angle quite nicely.

Rollin´ down the hill towards home, after turning at the halfway point.

Oops, a fallen dead black spruce on the trail. No problem, the girls took the team around it nicely.

Here the team is crossing by half gone road. The spring breakup was so strong that it created a powerful stream of snow, melting and rushing down the mountains, taking half of the forrest road with it.

Good job, guys! The dogs didn´t even blink once, just passed by without fuss. What huge difference I see on the team over the past few years. They became confident, tough and brave dogs with nerves of steel. I am so proud of them. 

Little bit of soft, muddy surface is good for the feet.

Arriving home after a great 10 mile run. Good dogs!

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