Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thank You to the "Keep the Musher Hydrated" Sponsor!

Big THANK YOU to the "Keep the musher hydrated" aka "Camel Bag and Isostar Electrolyte Drink" sponsor, aka my dear mom Ivana Paleckova for the great and much appreciated support of my racing efforts in form of a 2l Camel Bag and Isostar electrolyte drink powder!

I finally managed to drink more than the bare liter of water on the trail, which keeps me from being dehydrated, which then keeps me from being tired and feeling dizzy and sick, which then keeps me focused and MAINLY which then keeps me in shape to take good care of my canine athletes.

Seriously, I don´t know how I could have done without the Camel Bag so long!

Once again, huge thanks, mom! You are one in a million!!!

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