Thursday, March 24, 2011

Return of the Jedi

oops, sorry, I meant of the Best Dog Handler on the Planet!

Yups, you are reading right, Adela will again spend the summer with us and return to the middle of nowhere, to help take care of all the Kipp d´Amundsen critters and help as an extra guide at the Nordic Husky Farm Outdoor Adventures!

We were hoping for this kind of since the day she left last year, but a year is a year and you never know what it will bring into a handler´s life, so when she confirmed and extended the poop scooping contract just a few days ago, we were of course very excited.

Well, this is a short news, but for our team very big, so I wanted to share it.
And although I love winter and don´t wanna let go of this snow season, I say: Bring on the summer!

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Adéla said...

My pleasure ;-)