Sunday, March 27, 2011

27 March

post by Nardo Drouven

So hey, finally a blogpost again....have some trouble getting to writing them lately... gotta work on that...

So, the other day we went to Ostersund to do shopping and see the start of a race... Sadly the race was postponed to the next day, due to the weather... so we did not get to see that one... :-(
The shopping here, is quite an adventure, Ostersund is the closest bigger place around here, and it is about 140 km away from Vedjëon, and a 2 hour drive... and then we needed a lot of stuff, for four different people with different minds, who all aren't used to big shops so, it took some time :p
Anyway, we had a good, but rather long and tiring day then :-p Starting of having a great lunch at a chinese restaurant, then seeing many shops, Cal was in extacy when we came to the big healthshop, that actually had a lot of stuff she needed :-) We also had an awesome icecream in a nice cafe (I had chocolate and dulce de leche, niiice!)... we went to see the place where the race started (we already knew it was postponed) and even there was only a sheet of paper hanging that it was postponed to the next day... so much for Swedish organisers... they seem to not at all be interested in creating awaress for their races here... Katerina says it's a very swedish thing to "keep a low profile" which seems to often cause that no one knows about it and news tends to not spread much.... I think it's a shame... but well... every country has its own peculiarities... ;-)

It's snowing again since yesterday, so the trail will be better again, sadly we have some bad news at the moment though, Canuck, one of our dogs is ill and we don't know what is wrong with him... Katerina&Jachym took him to Ostersund to the animal hospital yesterday, but we still don;t know what is the problem.. someting is wrong with his stomach... the poor little cutie... We all really hope he gets well soon!

The day before yesterday I did something that I can recommend to everyone, though not too often, cause it is a caloric bomb! I made a marsbar in leafdough and put it in the oven, and it's absolutely awesome! :-p

ok, it's time to do something healthy, I'm gonna do some exercises for my back! :-)

Love&hugs from Vedjëon :-)

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