Friday, April 23, 2010

A Place I Can Call Mine

Imagine having your own kingdom. Everyone has a different picture of it. Mine opens the door and you´re directly out in the dog yard. It is called the "dog kitchen" and is already in progress...

The old barn, storage house or "uthus" as it´s called here in Sweden, is getting a whole new look gradually.
First we built a floor and insulated all the walls. On the attic we found a pile of shaved boards, specialy made for making inner walls, left over from our "human" kitchen. we used them in one corner of the dog kitchen.

Then we closed the other walls with material, which will be painted with water-washable paint.

Since this will be "my kingdom", I took the liberty of projecting and "designing" the interior completely. As part of that, we put up a brand new wall, to devide the space into two smaller rooms.
The carpenting was really fast and easy, with Ake helping us occassionally.
When I was designig the storage space, I came up with an idea of building a loft above part of onfe of the rooms, since the building is fairly high. And that is all we did as part one of the entire project.

Now the hot water has to be drawn from the main house to the dog kitchen and a linoleum floor laid. After that, it will be all about making shelfs for harnesses, supplements, mushing equipment, dog food storage space, etc. It won´t be only super practical to prepare all the dog meals in there and store mushing equipment.

Can´t wait for my own little kingdom. A place I can call mine. A place where I can sort out dog booties, work out, treat doggy injuries, plan training runs, prepare snack bags and pack stuff for races, fix sleds, or when I feel like it, just grab a sleeping bag, read a book and retreat close to my canine friends.

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