Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grayling Joins the Team

Yesterday we welcomed back home GRAYLING Kipp d´Amundsen (Buck x Jee-Haw).

Although he left his birth place to live in his new home at 3 months, I swear that when I unloaded him from the truck yesterday, he looked and sniffed around and recognized it here.

Our dogs of course react to newcommers and strangers with excitement and anxiousness, but they accepted Grayling immediately. As I am typing, he is sitting comfortably by his house and the whole dog yard is in harmony. Amazing!

One quick look at this boy tells you he is a sibling of Nugget, Goosak, Granite and Galena, and son of Buck. The "G" litter family sure has some strong genes! :)

Grayling grew into a big, strong and very muscular dog. He is very friendly and outgoing, just like his mom, dad and siblings.

After he gets well acquainted and accommodated (which I see happening right infront of my eyes), the plan is to start taking him for short trips with the smaller puppy team. That way he will slowly and steadily become part of the Kipp d´Amundsen team and can smoothly join in the upcomming spring, summer and fall training.

Welcome back home, boy! Hope you will be happy here with your family and buddies!


Ivana said...

That´s AMAZING! We are so glad to hear this. Mom and dad

Barbara said...

So glad to know you have another of Gee-Haw's kids (and Buck's) back home with you!