Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fun on the Lake

Dark, foggy, cloudy day. Most people stay inside the house, complaining about the weather, waiting for the sunshine to have fun.

But Iluq, her brother Inuk and little Dasher, including the two of us, had a blast the other day!

First it was meant to be a socializing-get used to the leash-show training session.

But the frozen Vattudalen and the little islands, now so temptingly close with the frozen lake, just called for some exploring and having some crazy fun :)

So we listened to the call of nature, and soon found ourselves playing in the deep snow on the lake, walking along the shore, following moose tracks and finding their secret sleeping spots. And just fooling around on the little islands.

And as you can see, the fun and joy was shared by everyone!:

Dasher followed by Iluq

The kids running and playing with joy

Iluq enjoying the deep snow. She loves to dive her nose into it.

An interesting shaped tree on one of the islands

Jachym always pulls out some funny faces or silly jokes, which are hard to resist! :)

... Simply fun on the lake!

And we even have a short video clip of the pups enjoying themsleves. Excuse the quality, it´s taken only by cell phone:

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