Thursday, November 5, 2009

Three Days of Outdoor Adventures

We had great time with our latest guest Aris from Cyprus, who came to visit Nordic Husky Farm and Kipp d´Amundsen kennels on a three day custom made adventure program.

We hiked to Vedjeöberget with three strong and cheerful companions, and dared the mud, the cold, wet and dark.

We had plenty fun, kept ourselves warm on the steep climb, and even had some adventure when wrestling with the dogs over a moose leg, chewed up partially by the bears!

We trained the main string, as well as the veterans and yearlings, had lots of theory discussions and laughter.
Music and Hawky at the creek on a watering break

Babeli taking the team back on the trail after a drink

Aris driving a six dog team first time in his life

A well deserved rest

Overall, really nice three days full of outdoor adventure and activity. Who says that this time of the year is unenjoyable certainly should try out some of the stuff we do here!
You will find more information about our Outdoor Adventure Programs on our company website:

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Jenny said...

I want to come too!! With my dogs but I can't afford it right now...